Ruditya On His Second Day...

April 28, 2020
Author: Bhaskar Jyoti Kundu

Introducing Ruditya, our beloved second-day bundle of joy!

At this tender age, sleep reigns supreme, acting as a vital healer and catalyst for exponential growth. Following expert guidance from Stanford Children’s Health, we're learning alongside Ruditya about the fascinating world of baby sleep patterns. Did you know that newborns typically snooze for 8 to 9 hours during the day and a similar stretch at night, albeit in shorter, 1 to 2-hour intervals? It's all part of the journey towards those coveted uninterrupted nights of slumber, usually around the 3-month mark or when they reach about 12 to 13 pounds.

As Ruditya peacefully drifts into dreamland, we marvel at the unique sleep cycles that distinguish babies from adults. With less time spent in REM sleep, their cycles are shorter yet crucial for their healthy development. Following our paediatrician's guidance, we adhere to a feeding schedule every three hours, ensuring Ruditya receives the nourishment and rest he needs to thrive. But amidst the routine, every twitch and coo from our little one becomes a cherished moment, reminding us of the profound joy parenthood brings.

Join us on this heartwarming journey as we capture and share the precious moments of Ruditya's awakening. From his first smile to those curious eyes exploring the world around him, each moment is a testament to the boundless love and blessings he brings into our lives. Experience the magic of parenthood with Ruditya, where every sleep is a step towards growth, and every awakening is a celebration of life's greatest gift.

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