January 5, 2021
How Ruditya Starts This New Year

Ruditya's visit to the Dirgheswari Temple with family on the first day of 2021 sounds like a meaningful and uplifting way to start the new year.

December 29, 2020
Attack On Mummy's Laptop

That day, too, he was no different, running here and there and continuing his business. His business of mischiefs. He developed an affinity for Laptops for quite some time now and kept them on his radar.

April 28, 2020
Ruditya On His Second Day...

It is the usual way a baby on its second day does eat and sleep. These are the two activities that they do appropriately. Ruditya is no exception in the list. He too eat and sleep on his second day

February 26, 2020
Ruditya Is One Month Old BabyNow...

We performed Pooja and Yajna when Ruditya was a one-month-old baby. Most needed blessings are required by the new parent.

October 10, 2019
Miracle Unfolds: The Day Our Son Ruditya Came Into the World

When it is included in God's plan nothing can stop it to happen. So did it happen in our life. We were gifted with him by God and are thankful to the Almighty. May God give him good health and happiness ~~~ Amen!

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