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In Stills And Moving...

Capture Ruditya’s Memories

Ruditya is a priceless gift to us from God. He is a symbol of our love and friendship. His birth gave us the reason and opportunity to celebrate parenthood. Let us enjoy Tales-o-Ruditya together.

Ruditya creates memories that are joyful moments for us. We tried noting down these memories as stories to recollect later. It will be a source of happiness and pleasure for us. And when Ruditya grows up, hope these memories will be a treasure trove for him.

He is naughty. He is mischievous. In addition, he is up to something. In a blink of an eye, he does his activity and we keep on shouting, “Anuuuu, what you have done”. Yeah, Anu is his pet name and we love him a lot. The photos and videos tell his stories. We are sure you will also like it, too.

It's The Life Book

The showcase of our baby's life events in stories, pictures, and videos...
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His activities keep us busy. His deeds are funny and mischievous that can make you scream. All these collectively form memories. When we recollect these memories, it forms stories to tell and a life-book is created.
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Mementos: Picture Tales-O-Ruditya

As the saying goes 'a picture worth a thousand words', is relevant with Ruditya's stories. The pictures describe the stories better than words. The Mementos is a collections of pictorial stories of Ruditya.
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Collectibles: Moving Memories

The moments captured in frames come out to be lively when they are moving. The tales of Ruditya is not complete when there are no moving memories of Ruditya. I’m sure you all will love it.
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