Attack On Mummy's Laptop

December 29, 2020
Author: Bhaskar Jyoti Kundu

Ruditya is today 2 years old now, i.e., on the 10th of Oct two years back he was born.

He remains busy right after he wakes up with his mischiefs. 

That day too he was no different, running here and there and continued his business.

His business of mischief.

He developed an affinity for Laptops for quite some time now and kept them on his radar.

The morning hours are a busy time for everyone. As it was a special day for the family, we were too busy then the regular morning. I was engrossed on my laptop when suddenly my better half asked for help with something. I left my desk leaving the flip open.

Taking the opportunity, Ruditya slipped from everyone’s view and got hold of the Laptop. He is gentle in the sense that he will not do any harm to the display of the laptop, but he will poke all the keys in a random fashion.

After some time, I noticed his activity and came near him to see what mischief he is up to. But to my surprise, I saw that he was sitting on the chair and moving his little fingers over the keys just like an enthusiast.

After observing for some time, I enquired of him to leave my chair and let me work. In contrast, he seems too busy or reluctant to leave.

Papa (Me): Anu utho, kaaj korbo. (Anu, please get up I have work to do.)

Beta (Ruditya): Kaaj korchi, daara na.(I am working, please wait… replied in a busy tone)

Listening to his words, I was so overwhelmed and at the same time cannot control my laughter. 

Then, I took a snap of his activity and called other members of the family to see and enjoy the beauty of the scene.

May God bless you Beta on your special day.

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