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October 14, 2020
Winter Essentials: Embracing the Cold with Ruditya's First Winter

The winter is the protective time for a baby. It is the time when most of the care is taken so that it does not fall prey to diseases.

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October 13, 2020
Gentle Moments: Bathing Baby Ruditya for a Happy, Healthy Start

Some babies find it hard with the idea of the bath, while others get excited. The baby bath is cleaning for hygiene and comfort.

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October 12, 2020
Happy Moments With Ruditya

The babies always create moments. Every move, the blink of an eye, the cute smile, playful moves, the movement during sleep, and many more get stored in our memory as moments.

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October 11, 2020
Capturing Precious Moments: A Photo Collection with Grandma - Part 2

Grandmother or granny spent more time with the baby, in families where both the parents work outside. It creates a special bond between them.

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October 10, 2020
Some Pictures With Mom-Part 1

The mother or mom is the epitome of love. She can hear sentences in the silence of her child. Her intuitions are the greater guide in the upbringing of her child.

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October 9, 2020
Memorable Moments with Grandma: Part 1 - A Heartwarming Photo Journey

Grandparents are always favorite for a baby. They are the repository of wisdom and the ocean of love. The kids are happy when they pose with Granny.

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October 8, 2020
First Gift Of Life

When Ruditya was born, family and relatives showered their blessings and love in the form of gifts. One such gift was a mosquito repellent net from Uncle

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October 7, 2020
Capturing Precious Moments: Ruditya's First Toy

Ruditya's memory of a first toy is a unique one as it is too handy for his little hand. He can hold it with ease and shake it to produce the desired sound.

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October 6, 2020
First Diwali Celebration With Ruditya

We all know Diwali is the festival of lights. What's the deal with it? The celebration is how Ruditya perceives the festival. Come inside and have a look once.

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October 5, 2020
When Baby Grows To One Month Old

When the baby grows to one month old it is a celebration time for the family. It is also a blessing for the new parent from God.

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October 4, 2020
Dress Is Always Special~ A First Blue Dress

A dress is always special may it be for babies or for you. It covers your body and protects your pride. At the same time dress gives you comfort from the environment.

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October 3, 2020
Cuteness Reloaded: When Baby Sleeps

Sleep is one essential part of a baby's growth. It helps cell repair and brain development. A baby who gets enough sleep eats better, is less fussy, and is more responsive to the environment.

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October 2, 2020
Playfulness On His Second Day

On his second day, our baby Ruditya has become more and more playful. He often sleeps the whole day and when he wakes up, starts his playful activity.

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October 1, 2020
Welcoming The New Member

We are the proud parents welcoming the new member to our family. The baby is sleeping beside his mom in peace and contentment which shows his struggles of the past month.

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August 1, 2020
Don't Be Fooled By Fear

Mark Twain is the pen name of Samuel Langhorne Clemens. He was an American writer, humorist, entrepreneur, publisher, and lecturer. He was lauded as the "greatest humorist the United States has produced". William Faulkner, another American writer called him "the father of American literature". He was born on 30th November 1835 at Florida, Missouri, United States of America.

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